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5 Questions to Ask an English Tutor Before Working with Them

There is a growing need for English tutors in Sydney. Whether young people in school who could use some extra help, or non-English speakers who want to improve their language skills. But a person’s ability to speak English well does not automatically make them the right fit.

When you are looking for an English tutor in Sydney, there are five basic questions you should ask yourself and the tutor.

  1. Ask yourself why you need a tutor. Do you want help to improve your writing, reading or speaking of English? Are you preparing for an exam and need help. Is English your second language and you want to improve? Then ask how you will know if the English tutor has helped you? Is it when you pass the exam, write a short story, or can easily converse with a native English speaker? These may seem obvious to you, but many people don’t think about what they want from their tutor, and that leads them to hiring a person who isn’t the best fit.
  2. Ask the tutor whom they primarily work with.
    English tutors who work with adult, non-native speakers may have a different skill set than those who are helping students prepare for university entrance exams.
  3. Ask for their qualifications.
    Once you know what you want from the relationship and have found someone who does that specific work, find out his or her qualifications and credentials. Ask if they have any special training, whether they are a certified English tutor, what degrees do they hold, how long have they been a tutor. These are all important questions to find out up front. Also find out what materials they will use—you want to know if you will need to buy workbooks or other materials.
  4. Find out where the tutoring will happen.
    It’s a horrible feeling to hire an English tutor in Sydney who is really in the suburbs. Ask where they tutoring session will happen—in your home, in their home, or an office. Make sure it’s a commute that works for you; otherwise you won’t stick with it.
  5. Know how much it will cost.
    More experienced tutors are likely to charge more—in tutoring, you get what you pay for. But make sure you know what the price is and if they offer any discounts for packages or group lessons. You also want to know their cancellation policy—is it 48 hours, or can you cancel an hour before the lesson.

One of the best English tutors in Sydney is E’criture—they offer classes both online and in the classroom, so there is something for all learners.

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