Kanetix – Canadian Insurance company

Kanetix Ltd., founded by Gregory Ellis and George Small, aimed to offer Canadian insurance consumers a better way to shop for insurance. Most Canadians until then were shopping for their insurance by leafing through the phone book and calling the insurance companies, brokers or agents they found; a time consuming process which often discouraged people from actually shopping around to find the best price for the insurance coverage they needed.

With the simple, yet innovative idea to offer instant insurance quotes from competing insurers, the Kanetix® insurance marketplace was launched online. Since then, Canadian insurance consumers have enjoyed the shopping ease offered by the Kanetix insurance marketplace for:

Auto insurance
Motorcycle insurance
Property insurance for homeowners, condo owners and tenants
Term life insurance
Critical illness insurance
Emergency medical travel insurance
Visitors to Canada travel insurance
Business insurance

While comparing insurance rates is viewed as the main feature, insurance shoppers can easily compare the insurers and their rates, along with payment options and available discounts among other pertinent information needed for the shopper to make an informed choice and decision. All this valuable information is displayed in a side-by-side chart format, for easy comparison.

A particular advantage of using the Kanetix insurance marketplace is that once shoppers get their quotes–and if they are interested purchasing coverage–they can call in or in most cases, apply online. The full cycle of getting quotes and purchasing can be fulfilled through Kanetix.

Cross-Border Travels: New Duty-Free Rules

New increased duty-free limits came into effect on June 1, 2012

Good news cross-border shoppers! As of June 1, 2012 some of the limits for how much tax-exempt goods you can bring back into Canada increased.
Personal exemption limits: What changed?

According to the Canada Border Services Agency your personal exemption limits are now:
Length of stay     New personal exemption limit
24 hours or more     $200 (up from $50)
48 hours or more     $800 (up from $400)

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