Hawaii hotels

Hawaii has a great range of choices when it comes to hotel lodging, with the best deals usually found in the spring and fall. Peak season, which is especially pronounced at family-friendly resorts, occurs during the summer, holiday periods, and school breaks.

Though Oahu has a few high-end luxury hotels (Kahala, Halekulani), it offers significantly more midrange and budget offerings than the other Hawaiian islands, most within walking distance of Waikiki Beach. Waikiki hotels also have the virtue of being just minutes from Honolulu’s international airport — vacationers can disembark and be sitting on the beach in the span of an hour.

What makes a hotel qualify as one of the best in Hawaii? We know that the “best hotel” is different for just about everyone. For some, the best hotel is the most luxurious, and for others, it’s the one that offers the most for kids. We compiled lists of the best luxury Hawaii hotels, best value hotels, best family-friendly hotels, most romantic hotels, and best hotel spas. Don’t have time to read all that? Not to fear. We selected one hotel from each list that bests its competitors (if only slightly). Below, we present the best hotels in Hawaii.

The smaller island of Kauai naturally has fewer lodging choices, and a bit more condo-style development, best exemplified by Whalers Cove near Poipu on the south coast. The handful of traditional resorts — such as the Grand Hyatt — are primarily in the Poipu area as well.

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