Escalade car service NYC

Escalade-car-service-NYCModern Limousines For Private Transport

A special occasions calls for a luxurious transportation service. Even a night out in town can be more fun if a premium vehicle is hired to get to a particular destination. Modern limousine services provide some of the most comfortable and lavish rides that are available. A contemporary diverse fleet can accommodate groups of any size. Whether it’s for two people or 24, limousines and executive cars are available in various seating capacities to provide world class accommodation.

Limousines come in stretched out designs that have spacious interiors with various amenities. A mini bar inside a limousine allows passengers to enjoy some drinks while riding through town or the city. A small fridge may also be available in order to store beverages and snacks. Retractable tables can be used for just about anything inside a limousine. For example, the tables could hold laptop computers or tablets. Speaking of computers and digital devices, limousines may offer wireless internet connections. Passengers can use free WiFi service instead of paying for expensive data charges on their smartphones.

The most advanced entertainment features in limousines include flat screen HDTVs with DVD and Blu-ray players. Since an internet connection is available inside a limousine, some TVs can be used to stream popular shows and movies through online subscriptions. Of course, an HDTV inside a limo can also be connected to the latest video game consoles.

Premium audio systems inside limousines usually feature more than a dozen speakers and at least one subwoofer. Passengers can turn the music up while listening to satellite radio or HD radio. Additionally, MP3 players and other multimedia devices could be synced to the entertainment system of a limo. Escalade car service NYC is an example of a premium transportation option that offers luxurious amenities for passengers.

The interior of a limousine or upscale vehicle can also be customized with mood lighting. Special neon, halogen or fluorescent lighting fixtures can release unique illumination in green, blue and red colors. A disco ball may also be featured inside limousines that are hired for parties and special occasions.

Leather trimmed seats inside limousines may be combined with lush materials such as velvet and soft microfiber. Authentic wood grains also add a lavish touch to the interior of an premier limousine or town car. Tinted windows give passengers plenty of privacy while riding through busy streets of a major city or on the highway.

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