Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands have turn out to be a leading tourist destination in recent years. With more than 500 banks, its capital, George Town, is the offshore banking center of the Caribbean. Retirees are drawn to the peace and harmony of this British Crown Colony, site of a major condominium development.

The Caribbean climate is agreeably stable. The average year round temperatures for the state are 78°F-88°F. Island life focuses on the sea. Snorkelers will find a paradise; beach lovers will wonder at the powdery sands of Seven Mile Beach Downtown shopping areas will of course be painfully hot at midday at any time of the year, but air-conditioning provides welcome respite. Visitors travel to the Caymans to slow down and relax in a setting of comfort and beauty. The best strategy seems to be to stay near the beaches most of the day, where water and trade winds provide just the right temperature for enjoyment. Shopping is recommended for early or late in the day.

English is the official language of the islands, although it often sounds as though the speaker is combining an American southern drawl with a lilting Welsh accent.

The Cayman Islands have a number of nightclubs, which sometimes feature international entertainment. Succulent seafood specialties abound in the local restaurants.

Plan your family vacation Caribbean around some of these enticing activities and learn that the beauty of the Cayman Islands extends far beyond the sand.

Spectacular natural beauty, a wealth of activities and points of interest, and all the modern conveniences to make your stay as comfortable as possible can be found on Grand Cayman. For the best in Caribbean water sports, sightseeing, dancing and shopping, Grand Cayman is the place to start.

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