Trilobis 65 Floating Apartment – Vancouver, British Columbia

Trilobis 65 Floating Apartment – Vancouver, British Columbia

Floating Home:

The company’s Trilobis 65 model is a semi-submerged apartment environment, that offers you the breathtaking underwater view. Designed by Giancarlo Zema, this house can be inhabited by six people to enjoy and feel the underwater magic. The Trilobis was more like a ship in space. Trilobis 65 is indeed a fascinating and highly unique underwater abode that can offer you some of the most cherished moments of your life.

The Fabulous thing I’ve ever seen to a family-sized floating housing unit is the Trilobis 65 design. Basically, Trilobis is a huge transparent dome big enough to host a family of six, but wrapped in a boat-like oval shape so, that it’s more than just a giant floating hamster wheel. We always try to imagine what life will be over 50, 100 or even 1000 years. Our world is growing rapidly, and in the future the one which will offer something qualitatively new will rule . The designers of the floating apartments know this, because the concept of developing such floating homes, which could in the future attracts a lot of tourists.

Trilobis 65 has been designed on four separate levels connected by a spiraling staircase. The top level rests on 3.5 meters above sea level, the second one is 1.4 meters above sea level while the third level is 0.8 meters below sea level and the fourth level is situated at 3.0 meters below sea level.  It is about 20 meters in length and fit in six people. This special project refers to the Trilobiti, little creatures that lived in the sea 500 milion years ago. All homes are engineered to meet strict ABS and Lloyds certification requirements.

  1. Maximum length – 20 mt.
  2. Maximum width – 13 mt.
  3. Observation bulb – 3 mt o.s.l. Max Speed – 7 knots.
  4. Accommodation – 6 beds .
  5. Power source options – Ballard fuel cells, solar, wind, diesel.

The Trilobis’s blueprints, however, reveal a nautical heritage that reaches back to the humble dugout while simultaneously embracing 21st century technologies that include high-strength composites and nonpolluting hydrogen fuels.Further, the shape of Trilobis 65 allows the annular aggregation of more modular units, creating island colonies.

The Trilobis 65 can be nothing more than an elaborate vacation home. Perhaps the coolest feature of the floating domicile is the basement level, which consists of a tranquil, underwater viewing area. While I do adore the idea of an underwater living space, I think that the way Zema designed that particular floor is atrocious.

The Trilobis has a ring of 200-watt spotlights, angled away from the observation bulb, to illuminate any sea life swimming directly in front of the viewers. Zema is several years from building the first Trilobis. Most likely, it will be constructed in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he has set up an exclusive marketing relationship with Underwater Vehicles Inc. But the region has the two essential ingredients needed to make the Trilobis project a success. The first is its wealth of small inlets and bays. The second is a pool of wealthy yacht owners, one of whom may be willing to invest the $4 million to $5 million it will take to launch yachting into the 21st century.



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