Trilogy Nightclub

Trilogy is one of Dubai’s largest, hottest, fanciest (most expensive) & most impressive nightclubs, with 3 inside levels (capacity 2000 people) and a rooftop bar (capacity 400 people)… you get the picture: it’s BIG! Of course, it helps their reputation by having Dubai’s most famous landmark as a backdrop; the Burj Al Arab.

The impressive interiors are a fusion of Moroccan design & warehouse/industrial roughness, which definitely makes this a place to see and be seen. Unfortunately, such a “hip & cool” reputation comes at a price and you’ll soon find out how extremely overpriced the drinks are!

The music style of the club ranges far & wide, but can mostly be described as modern dance music with funk, house (tribal, funky, chilled, etc.) drum ‘n’ bass and so on. I’ve been here twice & I can imagine that if this is your scene, a fun night is to be had. I prefer less “hyped-up” clubs so you won’t see me here very often.

Trilogy Nightclub

NOTE: This is one of the clubs that can get extremely crowded. It’s best to arrive early to avoid queuing or even being turned away at the door! If you worry about fire safety or are claustrophobic, don’t come here! I still haven’t figured out why they don’t have more emergency exits in this place…
Please note that the legal “partying-age” in Dubai is 21 yrs.
You may be asked to present your ID at the door.

Dress code is funky, sophisticated club wear. Shirts with collar (men) no shorts, no sandals, no sports shoes, no ripped jeans, no UAE National attire.

NOTE: Many clubs in Dubai have a “couples only” policy, meaning that couples and single girls are allowed, but not single men. (Sorry guys!) Some clubs will ask for an (high!) entrance fee from single men, but if you wait outside for a group of single girls and ask if you can simply walk in with them, most ladies do not mind… especially if you offer to buy them a drink as a “thank you”.

Opening Hours: 09:00pm – 03:00am
Closed on Sundays.

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