The Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium has 3 dolphins performing the show. The cost for the Dolphin & Seal show is Dhs 120/- for an adult (VIP seat) & Dhs 80/- for a child (VIP seat) and Dhs 100/- for an adult (Regular seat) & Dhs 50/- for a child (Regular seat). They also have special rates on every Friday & Monday for the 11 am show only. the price is Dhs 50/- for an adult & Dhs 30/- for a child. this is a 45 minutes show….worth watching. It’s a closed auditorium (with air conditioning) and can accommodate 1,250 seats.

You can also swim with 4 dolphins. there are two types of sessions: mixed and private. In a private session you can have all the time for yourself with the dolphins. It will cost you Dhs 1,600/- for 3 people. Every extra person will be charged at Dhs 400/- only, up to 6 people. Mixed sessions take a maximum of 6 people to swim with 4 dolphins . You will be charged Dhs 400/- per person for a mixed session, which lasts for 40 minutes (10 minutes training session, 10 minutes to change and the other 20 minutes with the dolphins)


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