The 10th Middle East International Motor Show

The ‘Middle East International Motor Show is also known as the Dubai International Motor Show, the single largest international automotive event in the Middle East. Held once every two years the 2007 exhibition pulled in over 101000 affluent visitors from all around the Middle East and its neighbouring regions, that included; United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, the CIS, N. Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. Over 600 participants from 27 countries presented the best in design and technology, the world had to offer.

Despite many of the global economies experiencing challenging times, the Middle East International Motor Show still retains its position as the world’s richest consumer market and has been the focus of international players to build up their presence in these lucrative regions.

With a complete representation of automotive sectors under one roof and dedicated showcasing areas for vehicle manufacturers as well as the aftermarket, the Dubai International Motor Show provides automotive professionals the perfect platform to present their product and set up new marketing networks targeting over one billion consumers.

If you wish to venture into these new lucrative markets or further consolidate your market share in this region, this is one mega-event that you just cannot afford to miss.

10th ME motor show

  • 10th Anniversary Features including the launch of a special edition car.
  • Noise Pollution-A sound and style competition featuring the best car audits fit outs in the market.
  • Enviro-Zone-A dedicated area for hybrids and energy conservations technology which is a great addition for the more environmental conscious consumer.
  • 10 cars to win and drive away
  • Exciting car Raffles and Promotion
  • 10 Super cars showcase
  • High octane Fashion Shows
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