Rotating Skyscraper

The Arab city which has amazing and impressive buildings like palm-shaped islands and the sail-shaped hotel is now going to build a rotating skyscraper.

Rotating Skyscraper is an eclectic skyline and it is a 30-story apartment tower that revolves on its base. The tower will use the Persian Gulf’s abundant sunshine to power the building’s slow rotation that brings it full circle once a week.

Work on the rotating tower is supposed to begin in June. Rotating Skyscraper will use solar energy to power 20 electric motors that will rotate the tower through 360 degrees over the course of a week.

The tower was designed by UK architecture firm, Glenn Howells Architects (the company behind the Birmingham Rotunda in the UK) and Palmer and Turner, the master developers of City of Arabia.

This tower has a height of 250 meters and 59 floors mounted in a concrete core which will serve as a rotating shaft. The floors will be preassembled and then attached to the core of the building.

Each floor will rotate in separate direction from others. The velocity will be slow and not noticed by the residents. The project is Italian and has not begun yet. It is predicted that its construction will last two and a half years. The project cost will be around 500 million dollars.


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