Laws and Punishment when Visiting or Relocating

dubai law

It is forbidden to import narcotics, pork products & pornographic material. This may even include medical journals/publications, fashion magazines (such as Vogue, etc.) that features pictures of women’s busts or wearing lingerie.
Videos/DVDs are subject to scrutiny and may be censored or confiscated.

Import of any Israeli products, reading material, etc. is forbidden.
Visitors that have previously travelled to Israel & have an Israeli visit-visa in their passport will NOT be granted entry to the U.A.E.

Penalties for drug trafficking, smuggling & possession are severe. Those arrested on suspicion of alcohol or drugs will have to undergo blood and urine tests. The presence of drugs in the system is counted as possession & carries a min. sentence of 4 years. (see my seperate Warnings & Dangers Tip on Drugs…)

It is a punishable offence to drink or to be drunk in public. Offenders may incur a prison sentence, fine & deportation.
The UAE also holds an absolute zero tolerance in regards to alcohol & driving – the limit is set at blood alcohol level of 0,000 Promille. Even if you haven’t consumed alcohol but are transporting it in your vehicle & cause an accident, you are regarded as DUI & will be punished.

Job seekers should be aware that they have to undergo a blood test in order to request a visa: those testing HIV positive whilst applying for their residence visa are detained prior to deportation. The blood is also tested for Hepatitis. Your chest is also X-rayed to test for TB. There is no appeal process. Taking a blood test shortly before travelling to the UAE would therefore be advisable.

Single women are also subjected to a pregnancy test, as it is illegal to have a relationship with a man outside wedlock. If a single woman is found to be pregnant, hefty fines and deportation from the country will follow.

“Committing suicide or provoking a person to commit suicide is prohibited & those who attempt to commit suicide but fail will face jail term.”

“Abortion is prohibited. If a woman aborts a foetus, she will face jail. Doctors, surgeons, pharmacists or any other person, who help abort will face severe penalty.”

“Cross-dressing or men wearing women’s clothes to enter a *women’s only* place can land you behind bars.”

“Gambling is not allowed either in public or in private by law.”

With our world becoming more violent, more politically tense and with fear ruling our everyday-lives, I just wanted to share some information on the safety of Dubai with you.

Not visiting Dubai because of the events in Iraq, Saudi Arabia & Sharm El Sheikh is too generalising. It’s the same as saying: London was attacked, so I will not travel to Amsterdam. There is no reason to stay-away or cancel holidays and business trips.

“The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world even though it is regionally located in the Middle East. Since 1970 it is a neutral country that has no disputes with any nation or country.”

Since August 2007 there is a new department within Dubai Police, especially for tourists: Tourists may call on toll-free number 8004438 (24 hours) or e-mail

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