Jumeirah Lake Towers is a free zone

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCCA) announced today that it its Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) development is an integral part of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre free zone and therefore enjoys absolute free zone status.


Mr. Ahmed bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman DMCCA, said, ‘With the highly anticipated completion of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Community and DMCC’s own buildings, the Almas Tower, AU Tower and J&G in the area, there are today, 1800 companies availing themselves of the free zone state of the art facilities within the JLT development. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre was established by way of Dubai Royal Decision dated May 1, 2002, which clearly states DMCC’s free zone status.’

Anyone wishing to establish a company and operate within the Jumeirah Lake Towers free zone boundaries is required to be licensed by DMCCA, and all premises within the JLT are subject to DMCCA rules and regulations without exception.

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