Ibn Battuta Mall

One of our more recent additions to Dubai’s fleet of shopping malls; I must admit that Ibn Battuta is quite spectacular… sheerly by its size! Strolling through the corridors and the courtyards of the 6 different countries (India, China, Persia, Egypt, Tunesia & Andalusia) it took us approx. 2 1/2 hours and we still hadn’t seen everything! It is named after a famous Persian explorer: Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was the only medieval traveller who is known to have visited the lands of every Muslim ruler in his lifetime. He also travelled to Ceylon (present Sri Lanka), China, Byzantium & Southern Russia.

At first I thought: what can be so different about this one? Shopping mall after shopping mall in Dubai basically offers the same stores, same things & same food outlets. But Ibn Battuta actually has a “Health Food Court” besides McDonald’s, KFC, etc. which promotes healthy Asian dishes, vegetarian food, salads, fresh fruit cocktails and so on to the many overweight local Arab children.
Obesity is becoming a problem in the UAE and Ibn Battuta surely offers a great health-food and exercise plan, turning every shopping trip into a walk-a-thon! 🙂 There’s also a large Fun World for kids and the architecture of the various courts really is beautiful.

For Dubai residents, our choices of what to do with our free time & weekends are drastically reduced as soon as summer comes around (June-September), so there’s really nothing else you can do to escape the heat than to walk around the various shopping malls, meet friends, go to the cinema, eat – drink – and be merry & cool in the airconditioning!

Ibn Battuta has managed to bring in some shops that have opened their doors for the first time in the UAE, e.g. Sasch, Lego Technik, Geant Hypermarket, etc.

TIP for Tourists: The Mall has a “viewing baloon” which rises on a wire and gives you a great view of the surrounding cityscape. (see my photo)

Opening Hours: 7 Days a week, 10:00am – midnight

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