Helix Hotel, 5 Star Hotel to Rise in Abu Dhabi

Helix Hotel, 5 Star Hotel to Rise in Abu Dhabi

The Helix Hotel in Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Bay doesn’t have floors like we’re used to – instead it spirals in sections of a corkscrew from top to bottom with no clear breaks, flowing from retail to residential, and hotel suites to saunas. Leeser Architects won the competetion and here is their winning design.

The design promises to make maximum use of renewable sources of energy like sun, wind, and ocean water while keeping guests comfortable in all 208 rooms and suites. Because of its unique design, every room has a slighly different view — perfect for watching over the contruction of Zaha Hadid‘s Sheikh Zayed Bridge just next door. One standout feature is rooftop deck with glass-bottom swimming pool so you can see the people on the floor beneath you. Interior temperatures will be managed by a cascading ocean-fed waterfall in the atrium that will help maintain interior climate and humidity levels, while a retractable glass wall will open up to cool sea breezes that constantly circulate fresh air. The Abu Dhabi landscape is shaping up as bold and defined, and whilist on the ground it may feel like things are happening over night, this is a slow thought out master plan to build a place of the future.

While focusing on unique design, Leeser Architecture is also committed to sound sustainability practices and worked with consultant Atelier Ten to determine the best possible conditions and materials for heat and energy conservation. Who about what, but , the United Arab Emirates are about hotels and other Expensive places to attract tourists. Abu Dhabi again designed a building for a new hotel. Of course, with a “twist” and of course, insanely expensive. The “highlight” of the project, I would call that part of the hotel will be submerged under the water, that is, the lower floors can enjoy the underwater world of the ocean without leaving the room. And that part of the hotel, which remains on the top, built in a spiral and is somewhat reminiscent of a stack of plates, folded into the sink after dinner.
The Helix hotel looks quite attractive. And it is very expensive. So, it is expected that the construction will finish soon. And if you do not think about money, then we should expect that customers in this heavenly place will always be enough. Helix Hotel is one of the top most futuristic luxury hotels in the world which are a proof that we witness remarkable changes. Welcome to the future!



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