Dubai Property

Dubai Property – Advantages

The increasing demand of Dubai property can be explained to some extent by the advantages that you are likely to enjoy as an owner. You can get a Residence Visa if you buy property in Dubai. The cost of the property is relatively low here.

You will only be required to pay the registry fee and are no legal fee or stamp duty otherwise. If you are a foreigner you can get mortgages to buy real estate. The quality of the completed properties in Dubai is very good.

If you buy property or rent it you will not be expected to pay any capital gains tax or income tax. An ownership of property in Dubai can be further desirable, as it is a nice city where there is hardly any crime. Despite being an Islamic city it practices tolerance.


Dubai Property – Future Prospects

Owning property in Dubai can be quite fruitful for you in the long run as the future prospects in the market looks bright. The expectation of its capital growth is estimated to be more than 15% p.a.

With upcoming features like the World, the largest shopping mall, the first underground hotel, the tallest building and various other attractions it is inevitable that the cost of property will be sky high in future. This is lucrative enough for you invest in the property in Dubai.

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