Dubai Nightlife

The nightlife in Dubai is active, growing and noisy. Get up late so you can enjoy all the night fun this city has to offer.

First, be aware that while the climate here is hot, many clubs don’t allow flip flops or baseball caps and the like. Although flip flops are allowed in beach bars, such as Barasti. Like clubs in just about any major city, the bouncer will decide who gets in and they often do stop people at the door in “inappropriate” attire, even if it seemed appropriate outside in the 100-degree weather.

Once you do venture out to take in the club scene, here are some things to note.

Stay away from the clubs on Mondays. Most of them are not active and some closed altogether. Best nights in Dubai are Thursdays and Fridays.

Clubs in Dubai close at 3 a.m. and you must be 21 to get into one, and 21 to drink in Dubai. All clubs serve alcohol, unless it is their holy season, Ramadan (varies from month to month each year.)

You should be able to get into just about any club, even members-only clubs. They aren’t allowed to refuse admittance to anyone, but they will charge an entrance fee and it can be hefty which might deter you from trying to get in. Anything in Dubai is subject to a 10% tax, which goes to the Dubai Government, not the waiters, so extra tipping is usually advised.


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