Bur Dubai’s Top Restaurants

Bur Dubai's Top Restaurants

Antique Bazaar – (Indian Subcontinent)

This Indian restaurant in Dubai offers excellent food with unusual decoration. Every table in the restaurant is different. The atmospheric Indian music gives it an authentic feel accompanied by the very tasty meat dishes. Open for dinner from 12.30-3.30pm and 19:30 until 3 am. Prices are reasonable.

Tel: 04 397 74444

Awtar – (Middle Eastern)

This is set in a very traditional and warm atmosphere. The delicious Lebanese food is complimented with lively entertainment, enjoyed by many local Emiratis. The restaurant offers an extensive menu of kebabs, raw-meat dishes and meze. The portions are very generous and prices are reasonable.

Tel: 04 317 1234

Medzo – (European)

This is a very popular Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai. It is a relaxed venue with comfortable leather chairs, great food and pleasant interior. The lobster soup with Porcini mushrooms is highly recommended.

Tel: 04 324 0000

Thai Chi – (Far Eastern)

There are not many restaurants that can offer two excellent cuisines. Though, this restaurant has two kitchens; one for Thai and one for Chinese making it unique and undoubtedly successful. There are a range of rooms to sit in and enjoy the lively atmosphere, or even reserve a room to eat privately.

Tel: 04 324 0000

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