Chantal Royer

An aficionado of customary Italian cuisine, Chantal Royer has qualified much of the distinctive quality found in the cooking traditions of the 20 different regions in Italy, as well as in Italian-American restaurants across the United States. She particularly takes pleasure of Italian pizza with its thin crust and unassuming dashing of mozzarella cheese. A cooking artist herself, Chantal Royer has educated to create her own genuine Italian cuisine, such as pasta with pesto sauce.

During her travels, Chantal Royer has visited places such as Lanzarote, the northernmost of the Canary Islands. She has also traveled in North Africa. Some of her best memories come from her trip to Morocco, where she spent time in the famous city of Casablanca.

Chantal Royer’s journey to Morocco began when she boarded a boat in Spain and crossed the sea to Ceuta and Melilla, two towns on Morocco’s northern coast that previously belonged to Spanish territory. There she experienced the culture of the Tuareg people, a Berber tribe with nomadic heritage. She also sought out ancient markets known as souks, viewed traditional Moroccan handiwork, and explored the surrounding region, including climbing the Atlas Mountains.

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