Waza National Park in Cameroon

Waza National Park is Cameroon’s most accessible and rewarding wildlife-viewing experience. Visitors can reasonably expect to see large numbers of elephants, giraffes, hippos, antelopes, monkeys and abundant birdlife. There are lions in the park, but seeing them requires some luck and a very early start. This is Cameroon’s most famous park, guided tours inside the park attract many tourists each year. As no accommodation is available inside the park, a camp sites close to the entrance and lodges at Waza just north of the entrance to the park, provides ample accommodation for tourists. Access to the park can be difficult in the rainy season.

The Waza National Park is only open to tourists between 15 November and 15 June and a guide must accompany tourists. Late March to April is the best time for viewing, as the animals congregate at water holes before the rains.

  • Address
    • northern Cameroon
  • Price
    • full CFA5000.00, price per vehicle CFA2000.00, camera fee CFA2000.00, guide CFA3000.00 per day
  • Hours
    • mid-Nov to mid-Jun 06:00-18:00

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