The Garden Route in South Africa

The Garden Route is on the southern coast from Heidelberg to the Tsitsikamma Forest and Storms River. It’s a major attraction of the country that offers inspiration to writers, artists and travelers to come again and again, to fulfill their jobs and to get relaxation. Though it becomes a top priority of tourists, while driving through, there are a series of charming towns interspersed with natural beauty with lots of adventurous activities like scuba diving, abseiling, fishing and more.

Between Heidelberg and Storms River, the Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline featuring lakes, mountains, tall indigenous forests, amber-coloured rivers and golden beaches, which completely suits your tourism plan. ‘Must visiting place in South Africa’ will make you happy with it’s wide range of leisure options, spectacular scenery and a mild climate, guarantee an unforgettable and memorable holiday experience when visiting the Garden Route in South Africa.

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