Table Mountain in Cape Town

The most popular tourist attraction in Cape Town is Table Mountain, a worth to visit. The way to the top has never been easy, and for many centuries only a handful of bold and enterprising people could say that they had climbed it. So for tourists and local visitors, a decision came to make cable way to the top of mountain.

Aerial cable way fascinates most of the tourists and enhance it’s attraction as well. The cableway opens at 08h00 in the summer months (16 September to 30 April) and at 08h30 in winter (1 May to 15 September). Cable cars depart every 10-15 minutes. Closing hours vary depending on the time of the year, but in peak season (16 December to 15 January) the last cable car ascends at 21h00 and descends at 22h00. Apart from cable car, Table Mountain has a facility of restaurant and cable cocktail bar. A hiking and abseiling facilities are also available for visitors.

Aerial Cable Way:

The Table Mountain cable way has become a landmark in Cape Town.
Prices are: R145 return or R74 one way per adult, R76 return or R38 one way per child (under 18). Prices are subject to change without prior notice, so please check beforehand.
Please note that as the cableway is weather dependent, it is not possible to book in advance. Tickets can be purchased at the lower station ticket office, on the day of your visit.

The Restaurant: 

The self-service restaurant at the top of Table Mountain offers a wide range of foods ranging from our hot breakfast, the hot meal of the day, snack menus and coffee bar.

Abseiling Table Mountain (Cape Town):

Price: R201 to R500 per person
Opening hours: By arrangement.
Address: We start and end at the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.
Telephone: +27 (0)21 788-5814 or +27 (0)76 016-9696

This is the world’s highest commercial abseil. A thrilling experience is awaiting you. A 112 metre controlled descent off Cape Town’s magnificent Table Mountain. Step off the top, at 1000 meters above sea level, and rappel into pure vertical space. Surrounds by magnificent scenery and the deep blue Atlantic Ocean at your feet.

Table Mountain Hike (Cape Town Central):

Price: R201 to R500 per person
Address: Pick-up in Cape Town City and Surrounds, end point is the Cable Station.
Telephone: +27 (0)21 788-5814 or +27 (0)76 016-9696
Opening hours: Daily by arrangement.

The most popular of all routes up the mountain. Once at the top, it is very flat with great views over the city and peninsula. Go down the mountain via the cable car. Must bring warm shirt, hat, comfortable walking shoes and sun screen lotion.

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