Mozambique is Africa’s Rising Star

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Mozambique is Africa’s new rising star. A hotspot with stunning beaches, excellent diving and magical offshore islands. It is the ideal place for big game fishing, whilst the Quirimbas Archipelago in the north of the country now boasts some of the world’s finest island hideaways. Mozambique has an upbeat atmosphere, overflowing markets and a 2500km coastline waiting to be discovered. If you’re inclined to something tamer, stick to Southern Mozambique, where roads and transport links (especially with neighboring South Africa) are good and accommodation options abound.

For more adventure, head across the Zambezi into the wilds of Northern Mozambique, one of Africa’s last frontiers. Getting around here takes time, but the paradisiacal coastal panoramas and sense of space, the sheer adventure of travel and – for those with a healthy budget – some of the continent’s most idyllic island lodges make the journey well worthwhile.

Some Fast Facts:

  • Time: GMT/UTC+ 2
  • Population: 19.7 million
  • Borders: Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe; all borders open
  • Seasons: Dry (May to November), wet (December to April); during the rains some roads are impassable
  • Telephone: Country code 258; international access code 00
  • Budget: US$25 to US$100 per day
  • Capital: Maputo
  • Visa: US$20 to US$70 for 30 days; issued at most border posts
  • Area: 800, 000 sq km
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Money: Metical nova família; US$1 = Mtc25

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