Cape Verde Introduction

Cape Verde is an Archipelago of nine islands lying like a necklace off the coast of West Africa.

The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country, covering area of 4035 sq km. An island has total population of  (most of creole ethnicity) about 500,000, with its capital city Praia accounting for a quarter of its citizens. Cape Verde is a developing nation actually and it has stable democratic condition, with notable economic growth and improvements of living conditions and has international recognition by other countries as well.

Cape verde, the islands contain a remarkable profusion of landscapes, from Maio’s barren flats to the verdant valleys of Santo Antão. And Fogo, a single volcanic peak whose slopes are streaked with rivers of frozen lava. The beaches of Sal and Boa Vista increasingly attract package-tour crowds, but Cape Verde remains a destination for the connoisseur – the intrepid hiker, the die-hard windsurfer, the deep-sea angler, the mornodevotee.

Tourism has increased in recent years. Large hotels have been built across the country in an effort to boost tourism. In particular, on the islands of Boa Vista (Club Hotel Riu Karamboa (750 rooms)), and Sal (Club Hotel Riu Funana/Garopa (1000 rooms)–the largest hotel in all of West Africa).  Our stats mentioned that in 2010, about 382,000 tourists visited the archipelago.

If you want to enjoy beauty of beaches, nartural scenery, vibrant cultures and have a sense of adventure then Cape Verde will surely not disappoint.

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