Burundi Introduction

Burundi is a small country situated at East Central Africa, bounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Burundi is one of the ten least developed and illiterate countries in the world due to civil war, corruption and political instabilities. Apart from all, the capital Bujumbura has stunning sceneries, beautiful beaches, lovely locations and many more attractions for travelers.

Burundi, often called “Heart of Africa” has a “moderate” tropical climate with average temperatures between 23 and 24ºC. This is a gift from nature to have such an average near the Equatorial area known for its heat and humidity. In Bujumbura city where it is hotter, average temperatures are about 25ºC. By religion, The majority of Burundians are Christian (Roman Catholic 62%, Protestant 5%). The rest are Muslim (10%) and indigenous beliefs (23%)

Facts about Burundi

  • Time: GMT/UTC +2
  • Population: 8 million
  • Borders: DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania
  • Seasons: Wet (mid-March to mid-May, October-January); dry (mid-May to mid-October, mid-December to mid-March)
  • Telephone: Country code 257; international access code 00
  • ATMs: There are no ATMS; come with cash
  • Budget: US$20 a day
  • Visas: Required by all; US$40 for one month
  • Capital: Bujumbura
  • Languages: Kirundi, French
  • Area: 27, 830 sq km
  • Money: Burundi franc; US$1= BFr1040

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