Benin Introduction

Benin is a country in Western Africa and it is officially known as Republic of Benin. It is bordered by Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. The population of the land, as conveyed by the Information on Benin, is approximately equal to 5.13 million. The climatic conditions of the country remains humid around the year, and the ideal time of planning for a Benin travel is during the months of November and February. Most of western Africa’s attractions can be located in Benin.

Porto-Novo is the capital of Benin. It covers an area of 42.5 square miles and has an estimated population of 223,552. The largest city of Benin is Cotonou. It is an important cultural and political center. The language spoken in the country is French as the official language and other languages spoken are Beninese languages, including Yoruba.

Some attractive destinations of Benin in which you might be interested to visit are:

  • Cotonou- Filled with restaurants, the shopping center of Grand Marche de Dantokpa.
  • Porto Novo: The Musee Ethnographique de Porto Novo is a storehouse of Yoruba artifacts.
  • Musee Historique d’Abomey: This museum has on its display thrones and other royal items of the Ghezo anf Glele kings.
  • Parc National de Pendjari: This is a national park in the northern part of Natitingou where one will come across leopards, lions, baboons, elephants and other animals.

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