Adventurous Kenya

Adventurous Kenya:

Kenya offers extraordinary and exciting attractions in the wildlife, with the opportunity to see nature’s Big Five – elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard. It rates as one of the top five bird-watching destinations in the world. Kenya’s biggest city, Nairobi, with the baddest of reputations, is sidestepped by many visitors, but, in fairness, has an interesting urban appeal with its cafes and nightlife.

Kenya offers the best safari holidays across the world whether from a jeep, on foot or on horseback. It is a vast land which stretches from the Indian Ocean across the low plains to Lake Victoria on the border with Uganda, and to the central highlands which are bisected by the Great Rift Valley, right through to Mount Kenya, the country’s highest point.

It is a land of explorers, farmers, adventurers and more than 70 indigenous tribal groups while offering the most magnificent national parks and nature reserves on the continent.

You may end your holidays on the coastline at one of the seductive Indian Ocean resorts or on the island of Lamu. Variety of hotels are offering best accommodation deals throughout the country.

Fast Facts:

  • Time: GMT/UTC +3
  • Population: 31.6 million
  • Borders: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda
  • Seasons: Rainy (March to May, October to December), dry (January to February, June to September)
  • Telephone: Country code 254; international code 00
  • Budget: About US$75 a day, although one quality safari could blow it sky-high.
  • Capital: Nairobi
  • Visa: All visitors need a visa
  • Languages: Kiswahili, English, tribal languages
  • Area: 583, 000 sq km
  • Money: Kenya Shilling (KSh);US$1 = KSh70

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